Friends Of Girlfriends?

i have this really good friend who recently asked me if i was bi. i hesitated and thought about how i felt about her. i thought about how pretty she is and the butterflies i got when we touched, those things don't happen in normal friendships i dont think so i told her yes. i was bi curious.   i have now realized that i am a full lesbian. i know that she is at least bi sexual. I'm pretty sure that she knows i like her but I'm not 100 percent sure.  when we hang out we always end up laying in bed and cuddling. she puts her arms around me and i do the same to her. i love those moments we share our bodies close, holding hands my head on her shoulder.  i don't know if I'm ready for our relationship to go farther like kissing or anything but i just want to know how she feels. any comments or advice? thanks!
SerchingForSsunshine SerchingForSsunshine
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

thanks i think i might bring it up tonight i just dont want to make things weird between us.

Talk to her about it, it doesn't really sound like "just friends" to me