I doubt it, I just figure someone will tolerate me for a while at some point in my life. And I'll call it love. I don't think anyone will ever truly love me, because in weird and different and obnoxious. And I'm everything a guy doesn't want. No one could fall in love with this, inside or outside. I'm just broken, and no one will want to stay and be patient for me. I'm okay with that, I've kinda came to terms with it although I love everyone and everything and the one thing I want most is a family and a love, no one could ever love me. And it isn't just insecurity, it's thought through and I think it's valid. I'm meant to just be alone and focus on my studies and career. 😔😔
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U will find guys out there that will find u cute and will love u for u but u just have to give people a shot like for example I kinda like bigger girls now I keep that part of my life out of the way cuz if I told my friends what would they think... The point is many people might like u they just don't know how to say it

Thank you for that. :)

Honey, I've been there. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your price charming.
And you'll know when you find him :)

You could find that someone if you are lucky, but sometimes you have to change too, to be someone better.