Really? Will someone ever love the REAL me? Weird, awkward, sometimes shy, sometimes loud, sincere person? Will someone ever love me for what I am? Accept all my flaws and think that everything in me is just what defines me and makes me different therefore perfectly imperfect – just... Me? Just love me so I could learn to love myself more and accept my flaws and love you even more than you do.

IF YOU THERE HOLLER AT ME, *****. I'm tired of waiting for this "perfect" person. DID YOU TRIP AND FALL ON YOUR FACE? Maybe I should check all the hospitals... Yup.
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3 Responses Sep 30, 2014

Who knows. That perfect person could be just around the corner! ^.^

Of course they will! You'll have to do your part, though. You'll have to be brave enough to let people SEE all your flaws and inconsistencies and little idiosyncrasies. You'll have to let the warts show, and get the flu and eat the chicken soup they make you and let them hold your hair while you throw up.
When you do all these things, it's not called "waiting" it's called "living". Keep chasing your future, because that's where that person is going to be. If you don't walk the path, how will you be there when your paths cross?
Also, totally check the hospitals; path-walking is dangerous.

Beautiful! Exactly what I am experiencing being in a relationship. Beautifully said

Try to let yourself be open to defining yourself only by yourself ;) and not the stuff that happens around ya ... It makes it a whole lot Easier .. *yea asking who am I ? is hard stuff * :D but at your nature without the thoughts you sound awesome so good luck

Thank you for the advice AND the compliment *shy emoji*