How Close Are We?

 Last night I read a great article on EP about humanity and how our life experiences shape who we are. The article is amazing, check it out if you havent already done so:

Anyways it got me thinking, and I was wondering if we are all the sum of our experiences and here on EP we write and explore those experiences and we are all connected in some way or another by those shared experiences, could we be linked to every single member on EP via the 6 Degrees of Separation theory?

How cool would that be.....



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2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Thanks jesynta.<br />
I agree that EP is the common link but I wonder if we took that common denominator away would the theory hold true. EP as the big pinup board and all the members spiderwebbed onto it.

A thoughtful story. I would agree that we are all linked by degrees of seperation here on EP, but my guess would be that it is only 1 degree of seperation. We are each linked to EP itself, so only 1 degree away from each other. <br />
The 6 degrees of seperation is an amazing phenomenon.