"There were two heartbeats! I went in for one of the early checkups, and the doctor told me... are you ready for this? And he showed me that there were two heartbeats, thumpy and echoing. And there you were on the ultrasound. Twins. I was going to have twins, and I thought... wow. Damn it."

My mother loves this story. I heard it about a million times growing up.

"So I waddled my pregnant butt home, and put off telling your father, because he was out in the field, and we were preparing for the move, and I hadn't really come to grips with it myself."

As the story goes, my mother planned on waiting until after they'd moved to their new house to tell him. But she put it off, and soon enough the next appointment came up. It was a new gyno, so it took longer than usual.

"I was getting worried, though," she'd say, "because he wasn't telling me much, and then he finally said, 'Well, the baby seems to be doing well.' I asked, what about the other one?"

"What other one?"

"Lo and behold," my mother says, "we listen to the heartbeat... there's only one. They do the ultrasound. It was only you."

This is the part where she used to scare me as a kid, and laugh and say "Maybe you ate your sister!" Sometimes she'd follow up with something along the lines of a praise god, because there was only enough room in the world for one of me.

When things are really going badly in my life, I tend to have a recurring dream. It always goes the same, but it never fails to comfort me. I'll be crying on my bed, rolled up in a little ball, and my sister- my twin- sometimes it's just ... this walking, calm reflection of me- comes in, sits on the bed, and tells me it will all be alright. She wraps her arms around me and everything just makes sense again. You never have to worry that you're alone in the world because she's a part of you, too. And I wake up and I feel... less alone, but then, also, a different kind of sad. Because I'm missing 'her'.

Ah, what I could've had. Moral of the story: don't eat your twin. You'll miss her later.
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I like that. don't know why i just do.