I Wonder If There Are Others Out There Like Me

Probably isn't..but still...I would LOVE to know...just don't know how to find out...hmmm...

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I have yet to see what's different about you... They answer probably lies in 'sharing more' about you...

thankyou cutdontcry, I guess you are right *hugs*

Yes I guess. I just know I wouldn't get any replies and would just make myself look like a loser for what it is and how simple it looks from the outside. *sigh* oh wells.

Thanks Dink40. Sorry you feel that way. I don't think I'll be sharing and I know we don't share it in common. Like being infertile, there's many out there like that sweetie, even groups for that. Nothing like my thing :)

Mediocre, it sorta makes it hard to know if someone else is like you when you provide clues in riddles, or in what it is not. I have often times wondered if there are people like me out there. I have unfortunately only been disappointed by too many people, and most of the time prefer to be insolitude. It's not that I am judgemental; in fact, I am often too forgiving and look to see the good in people. That is, until, I end up super hurt by the whole 'relationship'. And, I'm not talking about my wonderfully supportive and understanding husband. I'm talking about people who feign affection; people who use other people...those relationships. The ones that have hurt me the most are those that involve children. I cannot have children and I fall into the needing to be maternal and loving my 'friends' children and even ex-boyfriends children hurts more than leaving what turns out to be a facade of a friendship with a mean person who used me because they saw who I was...a very selfless friend. When you feel like sharing this part of you that is the thing you seek in another...please clue me in. Maybe we have the same thing? I just will never know unless I finally get to that point or you clue me in... I hope to hear from you soon. (PS: this is my first post out here on EP; I've done quite a bit of reading though).

That group differs from mine, of course no one is 'exact;y' like anyone else. This is different, I want to know who has this one thing in common with me. It's not depression, it's not lonliness it's something else, which I don't think anyone would know about.

I was in another Group: "I Wonder If There Is Someone Out There Exactly Like Me" and so I'll add myself to this Synonymous Group as well. Cause I like to find someone as unusual, strange, unique, unconventional as I am. At the moment I don't know if we are alike or not. I'll try to find out on this later.

True. Damn it,

ok ,this group could mean different things to different people

I dont mean that. This refers to something else completely different :)<br />
I dont mean people with things in common with me.... per se. Just one thing.

i think so,we have a least 19 things in common and this group would make 20 but i already know the answer(yes) you find out by reading others stories and experinces or do u mean in real life?that of course would be harder and red is my fav color