I'm Good Different

I doubt there's someone out there like me.

I change favorite music every other month and I lie about bands I like because I want people to like me. I'm good at drawing, but I put a piece of paper on the monitor and lie about drawing what I just copied. I've done it for years. I'm depressed and suicidal, but hanging in there. I have this weird, dark mind that nobody sees or notices or even implies that I own. Everyone around me thinks I'm the happiest person alive. I seem positive and joyous all the time and I smile a lot and laugh a lot. I feel like a world class actress.

The reason my crush likes me back is because I'm so happy! And nobody sees beneath the shell. The shell has a shield of happiness and complete and utter joy. This shield hides what I really think and feel, and I don't really think I know who I am!

What eases the pain though is shopping. And maybe not even actually buying clothes, just window shopping!

Are you like me?

CrazyBlueprint CrazyBlueprint
13-15, F
Feb 27, 2010