A Couple Oddities With (me) From Any Other (me's) # 1

After getting into this Group.  I thought (Me) meant = (Any Of (Us) Here on EP as putting ourselves in this word). Now I'm not wanting to Hijack this Group where (Me) = (Was meant to be = Mediocre). Here.

(Me) = (Here is = ChakraSolipsismMGP).  I seem to have almost everything different from others, with Basic Commonalities, but the more you look into these Basic Commonalities, there is Differences and Nobody Else has the intricate Interest Being Like (Me).

Basic Commonality:  We All Have Favorite Music, But when getting more Refined. There is nothing I find anyone here having anything Like (me) for the Favorite Genre Type of Music.  I made a (Question and Answer) on EP here about this yesterday.  Not One Person agreed to Liking: "Hearts Of Space (New Age Space Jazz Ambient Electronic Instrumental and More (Slow Music for Fast Times) Genre Type of Music.) That is Like (ME). I had 3 Critics, but none who said they Favored this Kind of Music. Not One Person agreed on liking this and being like (Me) here. I find this Odd.

Basic Commonality: We All Have a Favorite Types of Weather.  But Mine is WINTER. I like SNOW, TOTAL GRAY DAY CLOUDINESS OF THE SKY AND NO SUN DAYS. I like ANYTHING BELOW 75 DEGREES. Haven't found anyone here that is totally like me.  Some People like it around 60 Degrees, Partly Cloudy and Changeable Gray and Sunshine Days, Like some Snow, Rain and Fog.  Like it more as SPRING OR FALL, Rather than the Fullness of WINTER. People who come half way close to me, but not Totally as (Me), in the way I like things.

And there is more ... (Will get to it later.) ...

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
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4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

There is so much of this Music. Another one came to mind recently. Jonn Serrie's ... 1989 Album or now some Renewed up-dated editions - versions are being re-published: "FLIGHTPATH" ... With ... ( 9:12 ... minutes ) ... "Glyder" ... Having that of Ambience that I really Love.

Brother, be freed to share and enrich others with your INDIVIDUALITY, We can never know you until we share with you. I would like to hear this music you speak of: sounds soft and soothing; perfect for my rainy days. Please elaborate

I love the snow, and yes you are unique, that is a good thing. You are not like any other that I have seen. :)

Nothing wrong with being unique, But my guess is there are more similarities with others than you have found so far ;-)