Are there any real single people my age here? cause I am starting to think not....
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I am real and I am single...

I am very well thanks giggles. And how are you?

47 SC, Not Single but VERY REAL!!!

It's difficult, I only speak to one person on ep that's on a regular basis. How are things today?

unexpectedly chilly this morning. Was extremely warm this time yesterday. I'm quite well

This real single guy would love to be added and chat with you.

Well yes there are.. Most however are pushy pervs.... I'd like to make a real connection with someone that really wants to experience life and not hide or become abusive

And what are YOU up to this morning?

I know a real passionate and romantic man a little older is on here!

What are you up to this morning?

im real and im married if u want to chat.

Hi there, I'm 100 % real, but i'm also married, I'd still like to get on contact with you, but only if you like also.

Thank you, I can't understand what's the interest not to be honest. I'd appreciate to stay in contact with you.

35 and single

Hello,giggles, when you talk about real people, i believe you are talking about ones who are forth right, sincere, trust worthy, honest, and genuine? Am i correct? You also don't like phoney people then or people pretending to be what they are not, Right. Well, Giggles, i can relate to that concept because there are lots of phoney, artificial people out there but there are some real people who are your age who are not fake, phoney, or artificial. They may be hard to find but they are out there.

I believe so

I'm new to this site so I don't really know about others, but I know I'm real. I'm also single, but I'm older than you (59). I agree that age doesn't matter, at least not much; only in terms of what two people have in common.
Stephen in St. Louis

It amazes me how dishonest people are. Even face to face.
BTW, I have been divorced for 10 years.

I'm real x

Very real

i m 23 and yeah u can chat with me..i m 100%real guy..

I am real and single. but I guess I am a little old for you

I am also real....and I really like a lot of what I've seen of you. I'm married but would really like your friendship.

*pinches arm* "Ow!" Yep I'm real. It is tough to weed out those who are not real, but we are here. :)

You too.. :)

Hi I am at l, but not single although I know there are singles out there, the problem is weeding the fakes and liars out.

* raises hand* single, lives alone.

i believe there are real people on here, but you have to sift and sort through a mountain of BS before you can find them....

I'm in my 30s and single,just casual dating, but hoping for more.