I Have A Doppleganger

When I was a teenager I had this tutor. He was cute and was about 10 years older than me. I'd notice he would act a little odd around me sometimes and would catch him staring at me a lot. I thought he was a little strange but he was nice and he really helped me pass a lot of my classes so I ignored his odd behavior. Turns out the reason he was acting weird was because he was in love with this girl who looked exactly like me. She lived in Arkansas and her parents would not allow them to date because he was older than her. Ten years older to be exact. She was the exact same age as me too. I can't imagine how it was for him having to be around me all the time it must have really been strange. He's married to her now and they live in Arkansas. My parents went to visit them a few times and they were shocked to meet her for the first time. It blew them away. They say she looks so much like me she could be my identical twin. I wonder about her all the time. How much like me is she really? I'd really like to meet her and see for myself.
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yeah I often wonder about that too

They say everybody has a twin out there! what a crazy story, i wonder if your turor had the hots for you too then.