No one seems to think the way I do. My mom was getting divorced again and I decided to give her some advice this time but she said that my ideas were a warped way of seeing things. The man she was married to ignored her and wasn't much of a husband or father. I said she should stay married and take him to church. That isn't warped right? That isn't even close to some of the things I think. I believe that you should let people attack you instead of going to war. Almost everything I think makes sense though. No matter who I talk to and no matter what the situation is people almost always do things differently than I would. Maybe I think backwards or maybe I'm looking at too many stories of people with problems in their life. I guess it really doesn't matter if I think differently, maybe it's a good thing. Yeah, I'm just paving my own road.

*Don't take the path less traveled. Pave your own road.
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18-21, M
Aug 24, 2014