Should Cocky Teen Boys Be Made To Wear A Chastity Device?

What are your thoughts? Perhaps big dicked teen boys should learn to not try to be so macho and have to endure being taken down a few notches by being made to wear a chastity device and have their ******* off / ******* controlled.
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10 Responses Dec 19, 2011

Had to put my 14 yr old son in one to control his ************.

I'm 15 and next week I'm being put in chastity till I'm 18

that is true all teen boys should be in chastity mom holds key an given to wifewhen he marries i am lock in cb myself

yes, they should. hubbys should as well.

I think all boys should go through some kind of chastity training combined with humiliation. No doubt teens think with their penis so if you take control of it, you will take control of him. My only recommendation would be to begin the process as soon as he learns to **********. I unfortunately started years after making it much more difficult for me to accept.

To this day, I am still accepting and quite grateful.

all boys an men should be in chastity like me

No. They should be encouraged and allowed to **** our wives.

sounds like a good idea also.

Nope all guys should go free!

Wtf, **** all comments supporting this. You do ******* realise that the women want to get ****** as well... Sex takes two, or more ;)

You're only saying that because you're afraid they'd show you up if free ;-/

yes all teen boys should be in chastity an they mom should hold the key till they are old enough to be married an give the key to there wifes<br />
boys think to much with there penis an that gets them into trouble