Living in central Europe these days makes me think of it a lot. Thinking of Ukraine and the situation there. Even though Russians are shouting loudly there is not war at Ukraine and completely no invasion, it`s obvious lie. People are dying and European politics are doing what? Discuss it! Putin laugh at us cutting Ukraine piece after piece and threating with nukes. There is a big difference in point of view between Russia and Europe. Russia still believe it is supposed to rule over the eastern and central Europe, not respecting the rights of countries there.
I talked to my friend about it. He told me he was afraid of the war. But I don`t feel that way. I`m not afraid there could be war. Much more I`m afraid we would surrender without fight. It happened before. We were sold by western countries for promise of peace. WW2 began this way, because everyone feared Hitler. Cold war was very similar, because everyone feared Soviet Union. So my country was occupied by Soviets for 40 years and it almost destroyed my nation. Worst about it is the Ukraine is in the same situation now and I feel like we were exchanging it for promise of peace by a man who can`t be trusted. The difference is they fight, we didn`t. I just hope we would fight too if necessary. I hope we wouldn`t give up again. To me it`s better to fight and die than to surrender to Russia. After all the things Soviets did here, after seeing the ruins of my country they left behind, after all humiliation my nation went through… Even after the 25 years we are still affected by the occupation, struggling for identity and patriotism.
No more! We have to fight this time if it`s necessary, even though we are pacifist and always looking for peaceful solutions.
I am Czech and I am proud of it!
Mellangela Mellangela
31-35, F
Sep 1, 2014