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Luv Kicking Boyz And Men In The Balls!!

I have great memories of putting fear into the boyz on the playgrounds by not only threatening them I'd kick them in the balls, but doing it!
Do you know how much power that gives a girl? Think about it. I was a very petite 4th grader and very popular. I always had plenty of boys that had a crush on me and would do anything to try to get into my circle of friends. But this is also the age when girls definitely know how they can take a boy down... a quick kick to the balls and he'll be rolling around on the ground, holding his stomach and moaning like a complete IDIOT. What girl WOULDN'T want to use that power? I still can't get over the fact there were so many boys that were way taller, much more strong and of course faster than me....but I knew the 'secret'. I drew them in and in the matter of seconds, with a quick (hard) KICK they weren't so big, strong and fast. I also knew that it would leave a lasting impression and any harassing, teasing or not picking me for their team first would be history. The surge of POWER that runs thru you after you kick a boy/guy in the balls is sooooo intoxicating.
I never needed to kick a dozen boyz... just kicking the 'leader' of the pack in front of all his buddies is all it takes! So... to answer the ques. if women enjoy kicking a man in the balls... there are a certain 'breed' of women out there that get great pleasure from it for the POWER it gives them and it shows them who the true STRONGER sex is Women. Women have men 'by the balls'....and we are constantly yanking and reminding them of their place (on their knees worshipping us).
barbiedollsanduglyballs barbiedollsanduglyballs 46-50, F 65 Responses Nov 10, 2011

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My sister and her friends used to bust my balls literally all the time. Any way they could get them...they did. Kicks, squeezes punches slaps. However they wanted to!!

is that something you still do today? Or only back then in school?

They still do it to me sometimes even to this day. I have to be careful if I ever wear sweatpants, because she'll grab and squeeze my balls till I tear up!!

Love to get kick in the balls

I'll volunteer

I'd love for you to kick my balls over and over until they pop and break. I'd so enjoy to video chat you and show you me busting myself to your commands

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I enjoy kicking them in the nuts but my real desire is to cut a guy's **** off.

That'd be sexy if you're a girl lol

penectonomy enthusiast?

women can kick and hit men wherever they want, men absolutely can't!!

Add me please?

There's nothing more low life than any male for female kicking a dude in the balls.. just because they can. If some girl did that to me back in school, I would have grabbed a baseball bat and batted her teeth with it. She woulda never done that shitt again.

Yeah, sure. You would've hit her with a bat. What bullshit.


I love women like you. Yes you are in control and love to be on my knees for you.

Bare Hugs

well it is not fun to see a guy really hurting bad but firm taps to watch them crawl for a few minutes is hilarious. Kicks are so easy to wreck guys though so you have to be careful when playing.

best way to be.

Bare Hugs

Oh, you fuckrat...

Are you still alive? Hope not.

I am looking for a real and willing woman that will castrate me if you are true please email me at

I had a gf who occasionally did this when I was erect. I wish she had done that bit harder... :P Even if it really did hurt sometines :)

I truely, honestly hope you get punched in the breasts by Captain Falcon.

mmmm im a guy a i got turned on reading this

You should be in for sexual assault. How would you feel if a man took great PLEASURE and POWER in sexually abusing you? You are a sick.

Are you ******* serious?
This woman is outright admitting that she sexually assaults people, and we don't have the right to get mad?
Either I have lost my mind, or damn near everyone else has.
And, the latter seems more likely at this point.

What is CBT?
Cat Butthole Trigonometry?

if u think that men's weakness is in their balls,women's is in their boobs,we could just squeeze them

i find this really hot. would you kick my nuts? xD

When I was in the 8th grade some girls were in the school yard playing handball this dude named John went over to the girls and took the ball and ran off with it. This girl named Brenda chased him and caught up to him and pushed him against the fence, she was trying to get the ball from him so he raised the ball over his head and held with both hands to keep it from her. While he had his back against the fence, his legs wide open and his hands above his head, she slammed her knee under and up right into his balls. He said “Oh ****, my balls” and dropped the ball. The he walked a couple of feet forward and laid on the ground with his legs bent wide apart, feet flat on the ground and his knees up. He unbuckled and unzipped his pants and reached in and held his balls while he was groaning, moaning, and rolling from side to side. I could tell that he was really in a lot of pain. I said to my friend Craig ‘why is he laying there like that, she only hit his **** with her knee. Craig said NO, she got his balls! and he’s lucky she walked away because she could have stomped him in his balls too.

I really really desire to get kicked kneed;squeezed in my balls as harder as possible by sexy girls.......I want to receive pain.
by girls I really want to get my testicles crushed in girl's hand during squeeze treatment

Hi I am a guy who would love to be kicked in the nuts and worship you please email me at <3

Do you like it as much if they like it? Maybe its from all the years i played sports and didnt wear a cup (if you got hit without a cup they would toss you out of the game) but i just get really hard when i get hit anymore. If i have sex the *** factor is ten.fold.

bet you cannot kick me in the balls with spikey heels on

The fact that you think she can't shows me a lot about you.

I love having my nuts kicked, kneed, punched & squeezed! Check out my photo albums, and if you're interested, I made a few videos of me ballbusting myself, too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

I would love to have you squeeze and knee and kick me in the balls!!! It is an intoxicating and erotic rush of surging energy when a woman knees and kicks and squeezes my balls to know that she has so much power over me as the superior sex and I am so pathetic and weak and I can worship her at her feet licking and kissing them!!! Us men were given balls just so woman can have power and control over us that s what they are there for her kneeing and kicking pleasure and enjoyment and because we deserve it to teach us how to treat woman with repect....

I am a man and love being repeatedly punched, kneed and kicked hard in the balls.

I agree 100%. I will be the first to volunteer worshipping such as kissing licking and slaving such as massaging pedicure paint toe nails. Finally being under her feet. Going on all 4s and beibg used as a foot stool snack tray. I will alliow kicking kneeing as many times as want I like my balls crush with your choice of barefoot or any footwear of choosing. You can crush hard as you can. When crushing crush hard. Heel start on balls pushing in and force up.and hold as long as you want

Hi there, i would like to write to each other i wouls like to be in your circle of friends. You have the right attitude, female superiority! :-)

Never been kicked in the balls, an must admit I kinda see girls an women as being below me but after reading this I've become slightly scared of females... Want to be kicked to prove that I'm stronger but kinda scared it'll kill an I'll embarrass myself. I always thought girls were too scared to hit us there?