Kicking Boys

I used to walk up to my brothers and boys at school and kick them real fast to see them curl up. I enjoyed how easy it was to win against a boy. I tried to fight a boy one time that said it would not be that easy if he was ready. I moved around some (I studied karate) and got a little opening and bam down he went. This is terrible but the bigger a guys balls are the more i enjoy hitting or kicking them. This one black guy at school suppossedly had big balls (thats what the other boys told me) so I kicked him real fast (not hard) with the end of my pointed shoe. He passed out right away and stayed curled up for 20 minutes after he woke up. So its true that bigger balls are more easily hurt, an easy target. My brother has big balls that hang down real low and i get him so easy. The only way i can get him back on his feet after a kick is with a lot of gentle massage.
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Tina's stories are obvious fakes. I'm pretty sure she's really a guy. Just ignore her/him.

This boy was getting in his locker in Jr. High and he walked by me previously and felt my butt. I walked up behind him and when he bent over I kicked his balls from behind with pointed shoes real fast and then kept walking. He yelled and fell to his knees and looked around and did not know who did it. I turned around after I got way down the hallway and told my girl friend, hey look at him. There was a delay but he finally curled up while kids walked all around him to get to class. He could not move at all. He stayed there until after my class was done and could not move. I walked up to him and said whats wrong with you. He grunted and said someone kicked me in the sac, I don't know who did it. I said get up,, he said I can't it hurts to bad. The nurse came and helped him to her office and examined him, this kid that helps her said that he was really swollen and that someone nailed his right nut and it nearly ruptured. He missed two days from school and when he came back this kid that knows him said that someone wracked him so bad and his ball stayed swollen for two weeks and hurt constantly. I thought wow I barely kicked him, it was just real fast and learned that testicles are pretty soft organs and so tender.

I don't think that I would get tired from one kick. It only takes one if you get a guy right. I have guys write me and say that they want me to kick them a lot. I just kick guys one time and they can't do it any more, too much pain. I am in gymnastics and have very strong legs. I usually wear pointed shoes so that I can put a man down easily. This big guy tried to pull me into a car outside one of my practice spots and I just turned and bounced a firm toe kick off of his testicles and he yelled and hit the ground, he tried to get up but the pain was too much and he collapsed back down. I just stood there and said I will call an ambulance for you because most likely I ruptured you and you better get treatment or you could die. The ambulance came and they put him on a cart and checked him and yep, he had a ruptured one and had to get surgery to repair it. I did not call the police and saw him later on, he was the uncle of a girl I knew. I went to a park and he was there and he walked up to me and said girl you have strong legs. I said yeah I know and I will rupture you again if you try to force me to do anything. He said no, I won't and I respect you. We talked and he eventually asked me if he could feel my legs and check out those muscles and I said sure. It felt real good and he said my legs were so soft (the skin) and tanned but so strong. I got real hot and he made me get off repeatedly. I felt his testicles and the one I ruptured was kinda messed up and swollen and super tender, I rubbed it a long time. I told him that it would be so easy for anyone to literally kill him now and to protect that tender nut. I showed him how to stand so nobody could kick it so easy. We moved around some and I could always sneak some type of toe kick into his ball bag real fast and easy. He said that each time I got him it just barely lifted his balls up in the sac and a sensation went up into his belly telling him which nut I connected with. He said I was lethal and unstoppable because of my speed. All that karate training works !!! Growing up with brothers to practice on and guy in my classes perfected my kicks and knees. I really believe that "every" boy I grew up with suffered pretty good kicks that firmly connected with their testicles and they all went down for a long time and it hurt them so bad, non of them could move at all !!! I mean it was over and they were completely helpless and paralyzed. When I got older I had some men come on to me because of my physique I guess, they love the muscles in my legs and feel them without asking me first. I dropped them with a quick toe kick, I do it just hard enough to hear a good thump and it floors them. I can't imagine how bad it hurts when the toe of my pointed shoe crushes a tender testicle against them, ouch !!! I mean when I graze or thump or slap testicles guys go down???

I was the same way, I didn't think a kick to the balls could be that bad. And I was debating it with a girl I was friends with and all the sudden I felt her toes hit right under my balls. Luckily it wasn't super hard of a kick she said because even that one 5 sec after the kick the pain set in. I've noticed when it's a surprise shot it hurts more. She was laughing and just saying I was lucky it wasn't full strength. If a girl gets you directly in the nuts any guy would probably be out of commission for a bit. And in your case Tina with the karate your kick is probably beyond painful and accurate. I probably wouldn't even be able to even take a half strength one, haha.

I would willingly get in whatever position you desired, dressed or undressed as much as you desired and let you kick my balls until you got tired. And when you were rested, I would willingly let you do it again.

This guy that was a friend of my dads came over and was wrestling around with me and he pinned me in the grass and bit me in the ***, he said he could not resist because they were sticking out of my shirt and were so big. I laughed and said ok, lets play. He was straddling my leg and I jerked my knee up and got his balls perfect with the end of my knee. He yelled and curled up tight, I got him so good. He was coughing and in bad bad pain. I did not mean to hit his balls so hard. I reached in his pants and one ball was not in the bag. I pushed it back down and it swelled up a lot. His balls were huge and if I knew they were so big I would not have kneed him hard at all, poor guy. He hurt for a long time. He told me that he got in a fight when he was in high school and this boy kicked his testicles with a boot and it caused them to swell huge and has hurt him every since. He obviously lost the fight and could not move any more, that's cheating. I think guys that kick are cowards they can't win the fight so they cheat and hit the weak spot. Any guy will lose a fight if they get kicked in the balls its easy to do and they are right in front and low, very easy to hit. But it does turn me on to know that guys are so weak there, they are lucky to have such sensitive things that feel so good when you play with them but unlucky to have such a weakness in such a accessible place. Guys are strong but don't understand how easy it is for even a girl to take them out with even an easy kick. My step dad grabbed my arm and tried to throw me around (he was playing) and I reached out and slapped his sac with my hand and he curled up. My mother laughed and said they never learn do they, ha ha. I told my mother that I was sorry for hitting her toys, she laughed. I told my step dad that he better wear a cup next time he tries that. He could not get up and laid there helpless....ha ha.