of course they do! they smile and laugh about that, it's really funny and full of sexual tension for women to hit the balls
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I can't think of anyone who has ever asked to be kicked. I can think of quie a few who could have used a kick. But, I find them much more fun to play carefully with, slowly stretching, sucking, warming and just holding.

Hopefully sexual pleasure for the women as they kick us in the balls or watch other women kicking us in the balls.

I hope they love kicking us in our balls

I don't agree. The only time I hurt a guy in the balls was for self-preservation. I was being raped at the time, so I grabbed his figs and yanked. He sure got rid of that notion fast. I did not enjoy doing that nor enjoy my situation. But it got me away from him.

I dont enjoy it. Unless they r trying to hurt me.

my gf is glad when she does, like other girls I met. You are an exception lol