I thought he was going to finally be my fate. You know for crying out loud i am so sick of being 27 years old and still not clear about this whole love thing. So i met this man. How do i explain him? Quite simply he was the man i was ready to introduce to my parents. Means marriage. Babies. Beach house. Forever. Now the hope of all that that could be has died because for reasons i dont think are good enough to have let me go, he decided that i was inadequate. That part doesnt hurt. Its not knowing who the **** my fate is supposed to be now thats bloody annoying. What if it was him? Then he made the mistake. Is that ok? Universe? Hello???
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Life is about the experience... that's why life is full of them.<br />
The grand experience is the one we call love. Yet.. so many pin their hopes for love on to "that someone" who is yet to be found.<br />
How then do you know you have found this love if you have never experienced love before hand..?? <br />
<br />
Who is to be loved before hand.. so that when the someone comes into your life.. love is recognized.??<br />
<br />
If two people meet... that have accepted themselves completely.. surrendered to allow love to happen in themselves.. then each can only recognize the love in each other.<br />
<br />
Perhaps in meeting.. one can find no love in the other.. and thus find them "unworthy"... perhaps.<br />
Yet.. in finding no worth in some one simply means the other has not truly found love.. for there is no acceptance in them. Without full acceptance there can not be love. For there is only love and love does not come in fractions.<br />
<br />
Love is the only solitary emotion... the rest are but the absence of it.. and they do come in fractions.<br />
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I know you are. *hugs* Struggling with reality, with what is happening, is painful. What might happen if you surrendered into it, instead?

I'm trying to remember that dee. :)

Whatever happens, is fate.

him seeing inadequacies in me is totally his issue. I get that. I just needed to moan and groan a bit. thats the thing about experience. It makes fools of us all. Wait let me not generalize. Experience makes a fool out of me.