Have You Ever Had The Wish That All The Fakes And Poseurs Would Just Stop!?

Ok, so this is the Internet. "On the Internet, nobody knows if you're a Dog."

So you run into all these fakes and posers out here.

I've been out here traveling the information highway since it was nothing but IRCCHAT and ARPANET forums. Over the years, I've seen just about all of the behaviors imaginable, and a few that I couldn't imagine until I saw them.

Same for my life in the Real World.

One of the things that just everlastingly just bugs the HELL out of me is people that live in their nice little whitebread suburban lives, and just FINALLY happen to notice something, and suddenly, it is a pressing, world-shaking crisis that must be solved NOW, NOW, NOW!
Add to that, a lot of them seem to think that they make one little sacrifice, and somehow that qualifies them for sainthood. Like, you know, sorting out their recyclables is some huge sacrifice, or working one day a year at a soup kitchen

Scratch that, some people seem to think that working at a soup kitchen once in their lives - freaking qualifies them for sainthood.

Now, me, I'm no saint. Never claimed to be.

I was raised to believe that the only way that things get fixed is, somebody fixes them. And some problems are big, so it takes a lot of people, working together, to fix things...and the bigger the problem, the longer it takes to fix.

Seems simple to me. A lot of things seem very simple to me. Which is why I can't understand why it seems so hard for other people to figure out.

Take, say, weight loss. You eat food, you consume calories. You do things, you burn calories. Consume more calories than you burn, ou get fat. So, either eat less or burn more....simple, no?

Putting that into practice is not so simple. I understand that. That fight against hitting the proper balance - I've been fighting that all my life. But that is MY problem, and MY failing.

Let's go a little farther. Homeless people, hungry people. Feed'em right? Shelter'em. Easy solution.

The practice is, however, harder. You see, now we have to deal with the "Why?" are these people hungry and homeless. Lot of pieces to that puzzle, and not a whole lot of easy fixes. You get people that don't want to learn a usable trade, they just want to sit around and collect money and make more useless mouths for somebody else to feed and house.

And you have all levels of this, from substance abusers living in tents and hovels, to a guy crying about the fact that he lost his six-figure real-estate job, and his unemployment is running out, and he might actually have to WORK for a living to justify his existence.

And we have some more complicated ones - health care for everyone is a great idea, but what about the person who has drank and smoked for their entire lives, has never qualified for anything more than a minimum wage job, and, at the age of sixty, wants a heart transplant?

Me, I'm a "right bastard" as my Brit friends would say. "Tough Love" is maybe a nicer way of putting it. I've never killed anything for the fun of it, but I've killed animals for their meat and fur, to keep myself and those that depended on me in good conditions. I've like to say "I've never killed anyone the government didn't give me permission to kill." Yeah, I'm that kind of person. Used to work humanitarian relief projects, and I've killed a few bandits in my time, to protect the refugees in my care.

Sometimes, it bothers me.But it was necessary for the greater good. That -sorta- gets me through the nights.

So, what's your take? Is there a problem? What are YOU doing to fix it?

Or is it all, "I'm going to live my life the way I want to, but YOU guys - you have to sacrifice to make the world a better place."

Tell me where you stand.

That's all I'm asking. Where do you stand?

HEH - I'll make one last comment. If you are doing something to make the world a better place - COOL! That is a GOOD thing...and, if you sorta feel guilty, like it's not enough, that's also a good sign.

If you're a smug, self-satisfied person that feels like you ARE doing enough - you probably aren't. 

Edward555 Edward555
51-55, M
Nov 6, 2010