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I think that being played on Ep is no different then being played in real life sometimes. I believe that some people put in the time and emotional effort and sometimes guys/girls have the wrong intentions on the other end. I guess with anything else in life you have to use your gut instincts and your common sense to see through the deception and weed out the suppose players. So to those who have been victims keep your head up, and just be aware that as long as we exist on Earth their will be players of the game.
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If a person is seeking true love, it might be wise to go out into the real world, look around, talk to strangers, engage, and when you find a possible lover, first have him/her fully investigated so you know the real story. Online anyone can say anything. This isn't real!!! Don't trust so easily. Take a story for what it is and don't become too overwhelmed with feelings for EP authors, you don't know them for real, you don't even know if THEY wrote what you are reading.

Yeah I tell people on here that all the time but yet a lot of them continue to fall and in the end is heartbroken :(

It's easier to be here, you don't have to wear pants or wash your hair...heehee

take notice of Miss J, she won't steer you wrong...S

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True, at the end of the day, even if vulnerability plays a part in being played, there are people who don't take advantage of it... and there are people who spot it and deliberately exploit such vulnerability.<br />
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They are the people to blame, heartless individuals who betrayed trusts.<br />
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You put things into perspective Siggy. Inside that big, big head, apparently your vision is 20/20 :D<br />
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What's important is for those who got played to remember that no matter what, life goes on and they can keep their (respective) chin up, continuing bravely ahead.

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Yeah we like to blow through the red flags and signals right.

You're right. Even online, there are often signs that should set off warning signals. And just like in real life, we sometimes choose to ignore those signs because we want to give the benefit of the doubt.