Have you noticed how much I love you? Have you noticed how much I want you in my life? Have you noticed that everytime we share something, I become more attached to you? Have you noticed that I have deep feelings? Have you noticed that you hurt me when you ignored me and then said that we should be secret? Have you noticed that my heart is breaking, again?

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7 Responses Sep 2, 2009

Thanks. This was a while ago. Someone I really cared about, who in the end, did not care about me. He only wanted to use me.

Yes FG I do remember that chat that we had... Funny my position hasn't changed... LOL!!!<br />
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Still think that a man, if he loves a woman then he should have to hide it.... And he has no right to ask his woman to do so......

I agree. I did that in my last relationship all under the disguise that "we" wanted to remain private but in reality if he talks enough women into keeping the relationship private he can play play play and play some more. <br />
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Gosh MT!!!! DO you remember giving me that same advice???? I just had a flashback. I am glad you are on my side!<br />
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I really enjoyed your post sugar and I can see you are very much in love with this man. Protect your heart though. I am around if you need to chat. ((hugs))

Have to agree with Mewold on this one... A man who really loves you should not have to hide you at all but have you on his arm always...

Never, never, never, ever, ever fall for or trust a ***** who wants to keep the relationship a secret. It is not YOU he is trying to protect.

Thank you, I forgot I wrote this. I was hurt.

this is very deep sugardove. Yet so true. You express yourself well in so few words