I wish...
I could be the wind
As a fresh breeze that comes
And touches your window lightly
I wish.. 
You would listen to me and let me in 
Getting closer, without touching
But enough to make you shudder
I wish...
I would skim through your hair 
Blow softly in your ear 
And kiss your gently lips 

But I'm not a wind

I'm just a thought 
Thinking of you
I wonder if you think of me
And If you would open the window
So I could be there, near you
in this moment
in thought
in heart
in the wind
in your life
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Like Wendy at the open window waiting for Peter Pan,

My window is forever open waiting for the tender breeze and thoughts.

Beautiful poem as always Princess.


I wish you and I could be intertwine with our bodies, skin caressing skin.

Bare Hugs and Kisses


Such beautiful words from such a beautiful woman. You are an amazing woman with an amazing way with words