I Was Spanked Hard - And Learned To Enjoy It

My parents regularly spanked both myself and my sister. My sister, when she knew she was about to be spanked, would cry, say sorry and beg for forgiveness, though she often did not know what she had done wrong.
Me, a boy and older than my sister, re-acted the opposite and remained silent. I never said a word no matter how hard my father hit me. In many ways this was not the most sensible thing for me to do as it annoyed my father and I then received even more punisment. My sister would be slapped by hand across her backside whilst my father would be far wilder with me as he lost his temper and his hands would hit any and all parts of my body.
But for me he would use more than his hands for punishment. His belt would soon be put to use. To save time,of course, he had spare belts around the house rather than him having to remove from his belt from the trousers he was wearing.

As I got older I became stubborn and would take the beating but without showing any reaction. He wanted me to cry and beg for forgiveness which I had done when I was younger but not once I became a teenager. I would take the punishment in silence. Yet he still continued punishing me.

Then one day when I was 15 he asked me to move some of my books of mine and I said I couldn't as I was busy. He picked up his belt and walked towards me. He looked staright at me and burst into tears. It was the worst moment of my life.

He realised that I was growing up and that he could no longer control me with beatings.

The house was quiet for the next few days as no-one seemed knew what to say. It was as if there had been a death in the house. Slowly of course things got back to normal except there were no beatings and probably for the first time in my life I started relaxing and not worrying about if I was doing right or wrong.

The strangest thing of all though is that I missed the beatings. They had been a battle between my father and I and that had stopped.

I missed them so much that later in life I started punishing myself with my own belt.

And I did it harder than my father ever did.
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The last time I was spanked by my father was 45 years ago and I still remember it well. I wrote above that I missed it so much that I started punishing myself with my own belt. Now thanks to this website I have made contact with others who were beaten as children and now punish themselves with, straps, slippers, canes etc.<br />
No-one need to worry though because we are happy and we will continue punishing ouselves for pleasure.

Thanks for sharing with us. This is important stuff.