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A good smack on the butt will get their attention even in those times you can't reason with them. I would never agree to beating them though.
I remember getting spanked once as a child. My sister, myself and 2 cousin in the room, something got broken, we wouldn't tell our Dad which one broke it. We all took the spanking rather than rat out our cousin.
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Our rule was you sat in your room for 15 minutes before any punishment was doled out. That was to give my Dad time to calm down and I totally agree with that.

This is one of those subjects that fall into the category of the minority rules.<br />
Every parent is now so afraid to admit to spanking their child in case they are labelled as a child beater or even abuser that very few are going to admit to spanking their child.<br />
This must severely distort any survey on the subject, take away the forms, the microphones and TV cameras and listen to parents talking and you will find that corporal punishment/spanking is still very much the norm.<br />
Yes I would concede that there will be some cases where physical punishment can go to far but will legislation stop that?, I think not<br />
The vast majority of parents only use physical punishment in the belief that pain sticks in the mind and children will think twice before “ doing it again” <br />
And to all those people that say you should never spank a child when your angry I would say yes in an ideal world this would be the case but most spankings take place when parents are angry, shocked, frightened etc.<br />
I will always remember seeing a mother punishing a child which made me wince and thinking for god sake stop the child has had enough.<br />
The chid had just run across the road and was narrowly missed by a car, it was a natural reaction of the mother and I’m sure the child would never run across the road again!!<br />
She did it out of love.

"Rule of thumb", no switches or sticks bigger around than your thumb. Then wear the little bastards out!

I want to avoid spanking at all costs. It's one of those iffy subjects that's right on the fence of beating and not beating. I suppose in the olden days, people were beat more. The longer ago it was the worse the beatings were. Meaning life was a little bit easier on the kids in the 1960's than in the 1920's. <br />
On the other hand these days most kids have no respect. They don't even care and are so selfish. I see this in my cousins and people I go to school with. Perhaps I am wrong but... I don't know. <br />
I think if you use spanking at the right time then it is good. <br />
The times I were spanked were the times my parents were most angry at me, and they were also the times I was actually trying to tell them something in a provocative way. It seems they didn't get the real message and trivialized the whole thing with a quick smack. Above all we should take our children seriously, because more often than not their ideas are innovative and very different from our own. And therefore too valuable to waste with a smack at the wrong time. =)

No I don't. Yes there is a fine line between abuse and spanking but a good spanking has never hurt any one. I believe that the problem with kids these days is that they don't get spanked. They know that they can do what ever they want because they can use the threat of turning parents in for abuse. Mmmmm and we can see just how good that has worked....look at the crime rate. I have two children 18 and 13 both of which I have had to spank maybe twice but they know that when I speak they need to listen. And contrary to popular belief....they are far from being scared of me! lol in fact they are very respectfull kids and don't get into much trouble and if they do it is stuff here at home not anywhere else.

There is nothing wrong with spanking a child if it is done correctly. Explain why they are going to be spanked and then do it don't just threaten to do it. Don't spank if you are upset or angry and know when to stop. There is a difference between spanking and abuse. A good hard spanking will leave the butt red and hot. Abuse is when you leave bruises or injure. Spanking should always be done on the butt preferably with a paddle or strap. When I was young we used to get paddled at school by the teachers. We respected our teachers. These days most schools don't paddle which is why kids don't respect the teachers or the rules. The only consequence for misbehaving is a detention or a suspension. which is the main reason kids are out of control.