Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder...

When you see someone as utterly beautiful, because you see everything, their looks, their heart, their hopes and dreams, their faults and flaws, why does conventional beauty matter? What makes someone beautiful?
Kyoto Kyoto
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2007

My scars are beautiful. They each have a wonderful story and memory.. some good some not,, but it makes me ME


i think everyone has someone that will find them beautiful in this world. i think our main problem is that we have been programmed to find certain things beautiful and certain things ugly. it's kind of like the dove ad for beauty- they put up this billboard on main street there was this top fashion designer who came out and said that this is an abomination people want to see beautiful people in ads not fat and ugly ones!!<br />

That's an interesting question - why *should* conventional beauty matter?<br />
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I guess not everyone is so lucky as to find someone beautiful for whom they are. It is nice to think that we can all have a little beauty in our life. :)<br />
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I think there is a certain degree of biological hardwiring for the concept of beauty.<br />
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In some ways, it is a love of the world, the world in general. The great beauty of sunsets and sunrises. I do not think that these are necessarily unrelated to the beauty of an individual.<br />
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But nothing seems quite as beautiful as the person you love :)