this is a group for boys to say what they wear under kilts. or what parents say there kids wear under. please feel free to upload a story. anybody free to join or write any story about the subject they please. also please tell upkilt storys
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i being a girl wear my normal panties under my tartan skirt but my brother sometimes goes nude under (not very often but he does sometimes) other times he just wear his y fronts or my green or navy knickers.

the proper wearing of the kilt (assuming it is also properly fitted and the length has been correctly adjusted) is to have nothing underneath it but what God graced one with at birth. While not 100% Scottish, I have significant ancestry from the Highlands, Wales, and northern Britian. There have always been several of my elders (of which I am now becoming) that are proud to wear the family tartan and properly wear the kilt.

I would hope that young men endeavouring to enjoy this heritage also become accustomed to wearing it properly with nothing underneath. I take personal strong offense to those that do not understand this tradition and feel that such 'exposure' is somehow indecent or deviant in nature - when in fact properly worn, no such exposure takes place unless one intentionally and with some effort seeks to look up under the garment.

One does need to take appropriate cautions if considering wearing one while doing dances or other activities where the kilt could rise to a level where exposure could take place, or in high wind - but otherwise it is my understanding that tradition calls for being bare below the kilt.

that is correct and i glad you and i see things the same way

When I wear my kilt, nothing is worn under it. Everything is in working order!

what my grandad always says

my brothers were made to wear chastity **** cages under their kilts from starting at secondary school at 12 until they left at 17.they were also shaved when they reached puberty.

Are you for real? If this is your way of making a joke you are failing miserably and I just like all the other members on this experience take offense to those who mock our national attire. Do us a favour and get off this site.