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this is a group for boys to say what they wear under kilts. or what parents say there kids wear under. please feel free to upload a story. anybody free to join or write any story about the subject they please. also please tell upkilt storys
kylemac95 kylemac95 18-21, M 3 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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I am sure that these days boys just wear their normal underwear with their kilts but it is still possible to see young lads wearing dark coloured pants with their kilts especially if they are dancers. Mind you this past year I attended several Highland Games and was gratified to see three lads who I am sure were brothers running in the boys races whils wearing their kilts and am absolutely certain that they were all wearing bottle green knickers under their kilts just like I did when I was their age. I must admit that as far as kilt underwear is concerned some of just never grew up and I still have bottle green knickers under my kilts.

What age were those kids?

I would guess they were between 6 & 9 but that is only a guess.

Cute what colour was the tartan?

Don't really know the tartan except that it was predominately green and blue with a yellow stripe and a red stripe too.


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i being a girl wear my normal panties under my tartan skirt but my brother sometimes goes nude under (not very often but he does sometimes) other times he just wear his y fronts or my green or navy knickers.

When I wear my kilt, nothing is worn under it. Everything is in working order!

what my grandad always says

my brothers were made to wear chastity **** cages under their kilts from starting at secondary school at 12 until they left at 17.they were also shaved when they reached puberty.

Are you for real? If this is your way of making a joke you are failing miserably and I just like all the other members on this experience take offense to those who mock our national attire. Do us a favour and get off this site.

Lol Exactly I think he was just having fun.

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