It seems to have so much power over people. I just don't see how it can be so addicting.

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Yeah it makes me understand a bit more because I felt the pain of depression. It got to the point where I wanted to just die, but I have a strong will and would never do so. Still it was hard and I can see how people would give into something that would help out, but why not just weed instead of cocaine? weed is suppose to be great for depression isnt it?

From my experience:<br />
First of all, its not a hallucinogen, so your eyesight is the same. You do, however, enjoy things a bit more. For example, hearing music becomes very very enjoyable, which before just felt normal. You feel more energized, similar to just drinking coffee/coke but stronger. If you are depressed, you feel a sudden urge to be happy. Most of all, I find it very hard to think with it.<br />
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Afterward, you have a downer, and you just want to cry about everything, and if you felt depressed you feel even worse. Most people just go ahead and have more cocaine (I think that's why people get easily addicted.) Some, on the other hand, just slept off the downer. <br />
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If you are happy and really hyper person, you might feel just the same. The same way if you are already relaxed you might not notice the effect nicotine has on you while you smoke; but if you are really stressed out you just feel the nicotine going in. <br />
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Hope this helps you.