Eat Wife After I *** In Her

I have been happily married to the same woman for 30 years.  We have both taken care of ourselves and neither weighs more than 20 pounds more than when we were married.  Not as much sex as earlier years, but still 2-3 times a week.

My wife usually has at least two ******* during our sex sessions.  When I finally do *** we usually *** at the same time, or very close to it.  Of course, sometimes I "win" and *** first, but keep pumping until she ****.  For several years i would kid around and say that I should just go ahead and *** in her and then lick her until she ****.  She would always say "okay", knowing that I wouldn't do it.  However, 4-5 years ago that happened and I immediately slid down, inserted a couple of fingers in the ***-drenched ***** and started licking her ****.  She had one of those earthshaking ******* almost immediately.  Sure, my tongue wasn't right in her vagina, but the *** was everywhere, so sure, I tasted it.  No, I didn't feel gay - I was pleasing my wife, which made me enjoy the hell out of it.

We have had this experience a few times since, and she always has those super *******.  She says that it is not really any different whether I have already shot my load in her or not, but her body says otherwise. 

I was wondering if others have tried the same thing and how it went for both parties.


tonyt57 tonyt57
Mar 11, 2009