Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Growing up in the 60's, I was influenced by all the Sights ,sounds and occurrences that happened during this era of Civil unrest.
Watching the country unhinge from events like the assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X and the Explosive Civil up evil that pursued.


Vietnam continually was growing as an increasing concern toward Global Empirical Domination, as well as civil disobedience.



I remember well, How I viewed and interacted with others, from the television pictures of Haight Asbury culture, to those whom I associated with, right in my hometown.
 The Hippies culture of free will, love, peace and Communal living, to the National guard driving down my street caring M16's in plain view.


Sitting on my hallways steps remembering how my Eldest brothers Number came up on the National draft #16 and how I wept for fearing for his safety.

Watching all their friends driving their cars, Gto's, roadrunners, barracuda, Superbees while talking about how they could do better with there Garage band.

These time were un-nerving, chaotic , but at times down right inspirational.

The calls for unity towards the planet and each other through equality of women's rights, black rights, Voting rights and personnel rights seemingly rang out from every threshold.

What happen?

As I became older these ideals / people faded into darkness,seemingly being lost to use now.
Maybe it was disillusionment with the War effort and it's intent, The Killing of Students that called for directional change, Public awareness of Corruption occurring amongst our Political leadership or just maybe people just quit caring, as Economical tribulations increased and as worldly up evils arose?
I'm not sure, I just wish I knew where all the flowers have gone!

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The 60's. I wasn't even born then, but reading your story is really like reading history. I enjoy reading it while trying to understand that era. Great pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

Due well lacanela, be at peace

Thanks for your comment Drew, I most likely should have waited to post, I like the Pics too , it helps to remember and allot of people wish it didn't and would just go away. allot of times I'm just primed to drop em before they get done, The Past seems to still haunt me today, and I drag em out like an old friend to visit with them so I don't forget. Your so Kind also be safe


I remember all those things too Salty. So much has changed. I know I'm disillusioned... what happened to my own passion for life?<br />
<br />
~ wonders ~