This Was a Comedy Group

Trout Fishing in America, anyone ever hear of these folks?

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maybe it should read the band trout fishing. its kinda mis leading

I'm not much of a fisherman, but to be in total wilderness, no road noise, & actually eat what you catch? Man, that sounds like heaven!

I've fished the little Red in Arkansaw. Several miles down below the Heber Springs Dam. Always did good, always caught our limit. I don't even mind cleaning them and I just love cooking and eating them. I like fishing from the dock. <br />
The hatchery at Heber Springs is very nice.<br />
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Sorry, never heard of the band/comedians.

No problemo! <br />
Now do you also stand in the water w/ those waders on, y' know the ones you don't let water ionto? LOL! On a beach maybe? <br />
I also live somewhat close to the Atlantic where I have gone out on charters to catch Blues(?). Now, those fish are to be eaten, in fact at a slight cost there is usually a person on board w/ a fillete knife & a big old cutting board who will quickly & expertly gut 'n' cut your catch into fillets! So,I do have an inkling of fresh fish, aint nothing like it!

Sorry for that mistake, thanks for the info,Mary

Hi Mary! Sorry to report that Trout Fishing In America is a name of a band / comedians, if you will. They mostly do comedy for kids, but also for adults as well.<br />
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As for actual fishing in America. I must be honest, the fishing here on the Delaware River is more like sitting waiting for the pole to bend. And, the fish cannot be eaten at all, as far as I know.<br />
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I do have a 19' Gruemann Canoe though...

Oh yeah buddy, I love trout fishing, I love eating emm. I love fishen,we have trout here in Arkansas, You have to put them back in the water if they are about 16 inch I think, I have not been fishing yet this year, we need a boat, with a motor on it. We fish in the Little Red river. you can catch up to five under 16 inchs, and you can keep one over 24,inch. all I ever caught was under 16 about 12 or 13 inchs.They are so fun to catch, they give you a run for sure, well where do you go fishing? Mary