The Old Lady In the Tram

It was about 5 years ago, I think. I went to the movies with my partner, and we took the tram. It was on a Saturday afternoon, and there were some people, but not so much, still I remember it was pretty hot. I tend not to believe in destiny, but she was sitting just behind me, when her husband said: " my wife". And actually that's all he said. We immediately turned round, my partner and I. I thought she had fainted, it really was hot, and I thought she was at least 75, and maybe above 80. But when I saw her face, I knew it wasn't fainting. I asked to her husband if she had complained about pain in the chest, but he said she had just collapsed, suddenly. She had her eyes wide open and she didn't blink. She had a pulse though, shallow and quite fast, though regular. And I felt her breath. Noticing that took me some seconds, and I asked the guy near the alarm to pull it, because she was pallid and I thought it was quite serious; in the brain to be honest. The guy looked in shock, so I still hear myself say louder: "someby stops the tram, do it!". As people did not move, my partner went to pull the alarm. The tram stopped brutally and some people helped to lay her on the floor. What else do then? Wait that the equipped Cpr come fast. What I remember the more then was her husband. I don't know what he saw in my eyes, but no lie I could have told him would have changed it. But I know what I thought, and I sort of hated myself for it because maybe her husband would have disagreed. I thought that it would better for her to die than finish like a vegetable. It's not an obsession, but I think about what happened on that day, and I wonder how it ended for the lady in the tram.
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Jul 24, 2008