A Little As Ppl Mention It...

Ever walk down the street one day and find yourself looking down maybe b/c of a bad day or a depression and see a guy's pants so low that his boxers are hanging out?

Oh yea, one of those things we never really like to talk about but that we see every day (or at least I do).  Whatever happened to a belt? And what's funnier is that some of them have a belt but it's so loose that it doesn't make any difference.  I asked one of them once and they said "what? my pants are just too big"...so buy a smaller pair.  And what's funnier is that the only people I see whose pants are that low are the people who try and act cool.  I mean I don't know what's up with this new...can't even call it fashion, just stupid trend, I hope pretty soon it goes b/c spending an hour and a half in every class * 7 looking at some guys underwear isn't quite the highlight of my day...

Gemini15 Gemini15
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I never said it was an offence, I'm merely asking what's up with that? Do I seriously need to see your boxers?<br />
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As for paying attention in class why would I pay attention in classes I can just learn about from reading the textbook?<br />
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As for your style. If you think that's a style, I pity you. I really do.

oh what an offence to your poor poor eyes if you got all day to stare at peoples pants get a life <br />
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pay more attention to whats going on in class 7 rather than what the person in front of you is wearing<br />
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and its a style kind of like whatever clothes you put on every day