My Life....The Secrets.......The Truth.....

I know what I would see,at the beginning,I would see me,a baby,cute and warm.
Then as the years pass,I would see a fight,a fight that would split,my mother,my sweet mother,and my my abusive smoking dad,apart.
Then comes the despair,the displeasure,the pain.
As I grow older,more mature, I discover the life my mother has hidden from me(or so I've come to believe) the wolf side of me,as I know more of my existence,of other therians out there,the human side of me ''fades away'',so now I'm more wolf than human.
Then comes the wonderful mate,who wasn't my age I found out,then the heartbreak.
So I move on,in a pack,but soon,I tire of my pack,my alpha isn't always there,so yet again,I move on.
Then comes the true happiness,I've found a mate,who I love with all my heart,a pack that's family,my lost sister,my other sisters,great friends,and now finally a good life.
Until I learn the Secret,the Truth....
My mother might be a wolf.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
1 Response Oct 16, 2012

Hmm... Doubtful. If she a wolf therian then I wouldn't believe this considering you don't really find more then one in a family. Maybe shapeshifter? Or lycan? Are you sure?

No,but I feel it
My sister is a wolf,she's the only one in my family who I know for sure is a wolf,but things don't seem in place to think that anyone else(besides my sister,and maybe my mother)in my family are therians,for me it doesn't add up

Every now and then there are two or three wolves in a family. I know it sounds odd now a days to see that but it happens sometimes


I know my sister for sure is a wolf,maybe my mother......mabye

Just keep an eye on her and bring up wolves often to see her reaction.

Um......let's just say she doesn't live with me anymore....
But I can get a hold of her......I hope

Ah.. My mom doesn't live with me either :P
Why would you think she's a wolf though?

Ehh yeah

I think that's where I got my ''wolfness'' from,and my mom wanted me to meet my sister,and she's a wolf,I'm a wolf,so I think might be a wolf

Maybe. And maybe your mom wants you and your sister to stay connected so you can help each other with this

Yeah,she's my sister from a past life

Thats cool!!:)

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