What Is My Purpose In This World?

Born a child of a father soldier and a army raised mother, my crazy mother,
the mother you would hate forever
my father, the one man who i looked up to
he said he loved me then left for iraq and i was with my stepmother
he comes home a changed man and i leave my 2 sisters and my wonderful stepmother and my father for 3 years
those 3 years were hell to me not talking to my other family
i lose friends and gain friends
i become mental and broken afraid of speaking my mind
i was bullied excessivly my own friends joined in on it
I know many things, i've learned more and more about the military
its my passion to join the military
to be like my father
yet i fall in love with many girls and they all broke my heart because they were not the one
i left my mother at 12 for my father
I felt free of her and my anger towards her grows everyday
i turned 13 and lived through a hellish nightmare of 7th grade
Now i am 14 and in 8th grade
a friend told me to join Experience Project
then i lost her to ignorance but also protection
I came to EP to find people who understand me and my feelings
I also found love and i've made friends
But i continue to ask my self what was i ment for?
is it for war, love, honor?
i don't know yet
i'll find out soon enough
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3 Responses Oct 16, 2012

I love you and ill never break your heart. What snow said is very true, you should be you. If you do choose to be in the military, ill support you 100 percent, ill be here for you.

Tehee that's me snow XD

lol. Dont you just love it when people like what you say or post and use you in an example?! lol i know i do. :D

Lol sorry but yea kid choose your own path

You too.

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You are strong kid. Don't follow the path set for you take your own path and make your own choices. Don't live by how you were raised be your own person

I know you are meant to be Oaks mate,I'm sorry of what happened to you
But.....well I don't have any other advice to give you,I'm sorry.
*Shifts into wolf form,walks away*