i think it would put things in perspective. i feel like would see all he small but significant moments that i had all but forgotten about, the little things that make me who i am. i feel so disconnected from myself, my life, and the world right now that i wonder whether something like that could snap me out of this state of suspension and back into the world.

as it is, i suppose i'll have to figure it out by living.

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2 Responses Apr 12, 2009

i'm curious. what did you see? how did it feel?<br />
<br />
& don't worry. i am not about to try and trigger such an experience. i am curious, and i do have problems with feeling disconnected, but i am working it all out. i will break through that filmy surface someday, and actually feel alive in a tangible way.

I have felt that way. I have also had my life flash before my eyes. Yes it does put things into perspective. But good support system helps to