I Am So Many Letters....

I know my letter wouldn't be "P" because I am not into the pee games, although that is everyone's own decision whether they want that or not for themself.  It might be "C" because I like to "see" the good in everyone.  It could possibly be "B" because I want to "be" compassionate to all persons.  It could possibly be a "G" because "gee" I try to help everyone I can. I hope that I have an "N" in my future because I want to be "in" love for all the right reasons.  I think you all have a "U" and an "R" in your future because I am getting ready to ask "you" what letter "are" "you?"

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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20 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Got me pegged yet`~ Snowy? I know you know some of 'em!

I hear ya AC!! <br />
<br />
FG ...knows my heart

NOT AWE! I know....Yes I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bet you know mine too FG....but you are the only person here that would be able to guess them :)

LOL Snowy of course but i am not sure who else. I bet I know Snowy's too lol.

I know what snowys other two are, but i'm not sayin'!<br />
<br />
I'm just sayin! Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me! Not awe!<br />
<br />
Let's see if anybody can pick up on mine......<br />
<br />
FB, jm, bl, B, S, sbk, fm, am (LOL) any guesses??????

You guys came up with some great word play. thanks so much. I love you all.

Y., R.U.O.K<br />
<br />
I.C.U<br />
<br />

my beloveds would be A and and mine would be O,,,stands for lets go,,,,,hey ohh,,,,this is so much fun,,,,hope to get to know all you sapreem beings of love and light,,,,Mary

my fav of corse would be L for LOVE

oh and if I picked P it would be for procrastinate .... I seem to be really good at doing that!

Well I would have a few letters definitely L - coz I am living, loving and learning. I try to learn something new everyday, somedays I learn from my mistakes so M would have to be one of my letters as well for many, many reasons. I also choose E because I cherish everday, and each and everyone of my close friends. <br />
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On the people side definitely M, E, K, N, A, L, and of course J

LOL. ok...<br />
<br />
Yes Z u can have U and P as I don't need those lol

Yes I agree FG he does need too. Now we can PM and guess the two we know, if they are the opposite then we got all 4 figured out..lol

Doggone it. He needs to stay up late with us one night.

Yes we do, with no help from him...he went to bed. LOL

hmmmm it is mystery. We have to figure out the other two.

I think I got two of them as well....ummm lol

Interesting. I get two of them.

FG:<br />
<br />
My letters are "M", "K", "C", and "H", to define the foundational people in my life...<br />
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