I Want To Hear Your Definitions

Beyond the overall question of WHAT IS REAL, I get confused on the little things too, like what is "real" human behavior? With social norms, culture, work environments, and what ever little bit I think I know, these are all just flavors of an adapted person. If authentic is real, then behavior can’t be. If tangible is real, then real is inconstant. If real is truth, we’re all in trouble. ;-) There is no “real” lovely thought about it, coming from my head anyway, so I thought I’d join this group and see what others think it is.
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

There are those who say that everything is an illusion. We all have our own perception and have agreed on definitions and so-called societal norms. It's how the world works, if you look at a large group of people in a confined space ... our agreed behaviour dictates that we don't all start tearing each other apart, raping and pillaging. We all live on the edge of chaos and are the victims and beneficiaries of our own choices.

take away power, priviledge and money and reality is astoundingly, astonishingly, relentlessly challenging! X@

What is "real" human behavior?<br />
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Our real human behaviour (the spell check is not liking this) is defined by whatever we do.

What is real is relative to who you are and why you are asking. Personally real is not real at all.