For as long as I can remember, I've analyzed and worried about where the boundary between reality and not-real is defined.

Now, most of my worrying is based on the overlap of awake-dreaming from narcolepsy in memory that I have a hard time distinguishing which conversations occur physical other people and which occur within context of dream.

While not directly related, I've found Charles de Lint's novels that deal with consensual reality intriguing. In the novels, the consensual reality of the majority defines magic as not real, thus when proof of non-existent phenomenon is presented, the mind dismisses it. Magic still exists, but most are not aware of it, as it conflicts with their world view of magic not being real, and they are not open to experience the possibility of it occurring.

There are probably other groups kicking around with different wording, but this experience/group's phrasing was the only wording I could think of at the time.
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Ditto, consciousness has its downside.<br />
It sounds like the dream cross-over element is a real problem...But I can't help but be jelous. The dream-world is far more interesting...although I think the discontinuity would grow fustrating and confusing.