Back In the Day I Did the Dance Played With Those Who Played

Always wanted to be happy left to wonder if this is possible Having seen and done things one should not. Have loved and been loved but this dose not last long for I love myself and hate myself at the same time. Expecting, damanding the unrealistic .Feeling like an alien that understands pain.All I want to know where have all the real people gone they have sold out to the lies. If we as a people stop searching fo truth all that is left are lies. Life hase been an experience also an experiment perpertrated by myself and others. I find that I can not step back for foward is all I know. I run on pure adrenalin pumping in destructive ways. Just wanting to fly again being grounded by my medications.Will find again people who mean what they say and say what they mean why all the do we have to go through the maze of all the lies. I can be different and have been from a small boy allways challenging the powers within and the powers without. Search for truth where oh where has it gone. People are not willing to do the right thing for many times this means that we put ourselves aside after all this is the me generation. I am fifty one years young over amped simi meadle head that many times wishes he were dead because the truth can rock your world. It is better to rock than to die.
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46-50, M
Jul 11, 2007