When a now ex friend recommended the five love languages to me,  I was initially skeptical because I don't buy into anything that feels like a psychoanalyzation of love. The book is an amazing yet simple read. You never feel like the author is using words that you cannot understand or a concept you cannot grasp. Even though it is geared toward marriages, it may as well be a book for anyone in a romantic relationship period. I used to dive headfirst into such things, used to get so into a relationship that if it felt apart - it was like having emotional amnesia. This book explained why that was the case, the difference between being in love and loving someone. Such a remarkable achievement when you consider all the people who don't and therefore get their hearts broken as a result. I recommend the book frequently anytime I hear someone having love issues. I consider the book to be almost biblical in its revelance to establishing longterm, stable healthy loving relationships. My language is quality time, even though I found it surprising - it explained alot and keyed me into as to why I reacted so harshly to certain things.

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Apr 29, 2010