Acts Of Service

For the Acts of Service language, you express your love by serving. You listen for the hints they drop about the things that they would like done and then you try to see those things get accomplished. This is the language of people who don’t need to be told they are loved, they want (and need) you to show them. Little Acts of Service are how they know they are loved.

To some, this means the dishes are done, laundry washed, folded, ironed, put away, grass is mowed, trash is out, dinner is done, baby-sitter is on the way and groceries are being brought in as we speak. You grill a steak or bake a mac & cheese that she likes and the butter is melting. You can offer to massage some aching feet or run to the post office and your Service Person is putty in your hands!

Heaven forbid an Acts of Service person marry someone who is not that tidy - then we have serious problems! An Acts of Service husband knows he is loved when he comes home from work with dinner simmering on the stove, a cake in the oven and a tidy house. However, if the wife hasn’t gotten her act together yet and dinner is not done and the dishes are piled high, the husband may take that to mean that his wife just doesn’t care about the things that make him happy even if this isn’t the case! She may love him to pieces and tell him all the time. But telling is not good enough. He needs the dishes done!

I know I am a sad case huh?

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Jan 30, 2012