Haven't Finished Yet But We Will See

Such an intriguing book to read and not something I would ordinarily give alot of thought about. I guess if I had to choose what would be my primary love language it would be Words of Affirmation - but right behind that is Physical Touch. There are things I have no doubt that my touch can convey more than any pen I take to paper. Yes that is coming from a wordsmith who acknowledges that despite having a great gift, his touch can say so much more. Before I started to read this book, love was a foreign language that I wasn't inclined to learn since I thought I knew it all. I was so wrong and in reading this book, I'm quite ok with the fact I was wrong. I'm being humbled by someone who knows what they are talking about, who has been there and hits the nail on the head repeatedly with his verbal hammer. So accurate in his descriptions, what a fascinating read this is becoming.

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1 Response Dec 16, 2009

I agree...I just started reading this book myself...so far it speaks volumes of truth. More to come.