Horses!..... What Can I Say About The Magnificent Creature?

Well actually quite a lot. They are great to ride.....
You'd love to know hey?.... Well alright then, I don't mind telling :)

I went out for a stroll on a warm day to the local horse riding school. I just wanted to say hi to one of my favourite pals Flare.... A beautiful chestnut thoroughbred stallion standing in at 17 hands. A gentle giant, and a **** that is longer than my arm. Huge!
He had been having fun that morning trotting around the arena with his newly acquainted student. He's such a patient and graceful animal and is well loved by all who ride him, especially me!
I found him in his stall having just been led there by a member of the schools staff. She was preparing to wash him down and groom him. I offered to do the task for her which made her happy as she could now leave for the day and catch up with her new boyfriend. Perfect, I can now be alone with him.
I approach him to stroke his long mane and snuggle into his cheek. He's happy to see me and gives me a gentle nudge.
"Lets get you washed down beautiful boy" to which he nods his head. He loves to be groomed.
I've almost finished and linger around his hind legs, stroking his **** which has appeared but is still soft. It's an impressive size even before it gets hard.
I fall to my knees to be better positioned to take this magnificent **** into my mouth. Ohhh! It's smooth skin like velvet on my tongue. Licking the tip which has flared slightly and suck in the pre *** that has now begun to leak out. It's a fabulous taste, I do love it.
I can feel my ***** starting to tingle and become hot and wet. I want to rip my clothes off. But I don't want to let go of him. Should've ******** before hand. Oh well, nothing for it, I'll just have to be quick as he is enjoying being sucked. Whilst I'm stripping naked, I look around the stall and spot a large wooden crate nearby, so I lead him over to it, it's perfect for me to lay on underneath him, and I throw down one of his rugs onto it... Don't want splinters in my butt do I? Haha.
I get back down on my knees for another quick suck and lick. He's still not to full size but a bit firmer, enough for me to get it into my dripping *****.
I position myself on the crate laying back with my legs wide open and holding his ****, guiding him onto my pulsating ****, rolling the tip of horse **** on it is a wonderful sensation and its only seconds until my **** is fits of pleasure and my **** hole is incredibly soaked with ***.
Perfect to receive this huge ****. It slides into me quite easily but has filled me entirely. I begin to ****, holding his thick long **** with both hands. UHHH! This is so good, no words can really describe it. He's ******* me too, and I can feel the length of him in me 'til it can go no further. I'm in a state of sheer ecstasy and with an almighty power he's made me ***, and it's gushing out of me like a waterfall. OH ****!!!
Then, almost simultaneously, he too is pumping a huge amount of his *** into my ****, so much that with every thrust of his **** which has now flared at the end, its pouring out of me with the most delicious squelching sounds. Holy ****, this is insane, so much *** it's flooded the place. And again I feel another powerful ****** beginning to erupt and flow over my body with a shudder. I love this.
Finally he's done and I am drenched. His **** slowly slips out of my well ****** and soaked *****, still leaking *** from both of us.
I reach down to cover my fingers in the delicious sticky mess and put them in my mouth to eat. Yum, such a sweet taste.
Damn! I should have collected some of this in a bowl so I could drink it. I'll be better prepared next time.
Okay, better get this place cleaned up before we get caught.
I can see as I'm getting dressed that he's suitably satisfied. Just like me.
Oh I love him to bits. I must visit again soon.

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5 Responses Apr 27, 2013

I want u to film it please my dirty *** ****.would u do that for me.i want to watch u with a stable full of I blindfold u an tell u ur goning to get all the horse **** u want today.least u would if u where my woman.

u submissive girl/ do u like ur men in control and charge,if so ur what I have been seeking/looking 4 okay.lets chat/cyber sometime.u have yahoo,if so send me ur contact info okay.

that's okay u can/could down load it if u wanted to okay.lets chat/cyber .right now
I know what I would like to do to u.would u like to know,if so let me know.okay

Oh great, I just finished cleaning up what you made me do last time and now I have to start again??? It was the thought of hearing you and peeking into the stables just as you were about to take him in your mouth.... Damn!

Making me ********** over you doesn't warrant an apology

Ah, but I am ******* you, when I'm not holding your hair and forcing you to take another horse-**** in your mouth

I shall want to **** you while you suck him, I want to use your honey to make my **** slick before, using his **** to distract you I take your arse while he **** over your face

Wish I was that stable boy watching you guys from behind the hey

Haha! Will do...I love watching. Have you ever done any animal play with another person around?

Great story !! Love it and the, makes me wish I could be there. And you're right, you are a lucky girl. We'll all be there to cheer you on and help you out in other ways ;)

Great story, love the details!! Would be a magnificent sight to see!!

You are welcome, Keep the great stories coming.