I just want to understand why people bother with me.. why do they talk to me.. most people stop talking to me after a while anyway. So why are the others still talking to me. I'm nothing special. I know I can get annoying sometimes.. I don't get how people can stand to be around me.. especially when I'm really depressed. I can't stand myself. So how do they?

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I guess.. I just don't want to be annoying :/

I think in a way. There is always someone who annoys somebody. They just might not take to you. Nothing wrong in that. Not everyone takes to me at all. And all my friends call me annoying. I'm use to it now. So doesn’t bother me. But I know I am annoying. I'm very slow and like things done steadily. ^__^

Well I honestly do think I am annoying sometimes.. and a couple of people have told me so before.. They didn't say it in a horrible way though they were just telling me that I can be...

If you were truly annoying no one would to be bothered with you, so take the fact that people take the time to talk and interact with you as a sign that you are special. Keep being yourself and if some people stop talking to you after a while don't worry about it. They probably aren't worth your time anyway. <br />
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I have been in your shoes before. I am now at a point in my life where I realize that those people i that don't talk to me anymore were not really my friends anyway.