I Ued To Wonder.....

:P I used ot wonder what it is like being with a woman, but I know...it is ******* fantastic...wow!! what an experience! have not had one really rock my world, but close, the experience was great, the touches, oh the kissed wow!!!

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I find myself a little more open sexually with women, less self-conscious. Women also tend to explore the whole body, the foreplay is incredible.

Im envious! I long to know what that feels like. Maybe I will get my chance someday. As women, we are very desireable and nurturing that you can't help but to feel and want what we have.

Being with a woman is an entirely different experience from being with a man. We speak the same language. We're soft and gentle with each other. We know what women like, in bed and out. And women know women's bodies to an extent and in a way that men never can, and a woman can satisfy another woman in a way no man ever can--just because we know what feels good from experience. To me, being with a woman is the greatest thing in the world. ;-D