Well, once I was walking really fast (as always) in a supermarket to get to grocery row, I bumped into someone, being clumsy I am used to this so I said, "I am sorry Mam" and then I looked up.

I saw the look in her face, I thought "Who the hell she thinks she is, with that black raincoat and ..."

Then I realized I was talking to myself on the mirror!!!

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@ GwennaJane: you are right, our body language is much stronger than we think, thank you for sharing your story

@ Gwen: I never thought of it that way, but now that you explained it I think you are right, mirrors are there to confuse us

Yes, the mirrors in the stores are so well cleaned sometimes that they make you think you are walking up to someone who is quite bold. I am always confused by store mirrors. It's one thing that department stores use to confuse us and forget the reason why we came there in the first place.

That's funny. <br />
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I kinda did the same thing once - I was in the passenger side of the car and we were parked at a light in front of this glass building (which I really hadn't noticed). I was so "far away" in my thoughts - and I was really sad. I noticed this woman in a car next to me ... she had long brown hair, dark sunglasses, and a very sad look on her face. She seemed like the saddest person I'd ever seen - then, I realized it was me. I looked at other people also reflected in the glass. No one looked as sad as I did. I felt like I stood out from them and was amazed at how obvious my ex<x>pression was. I was really embarrassed because I thought I was hiding it better than that. It made me realize just how much talking our body-language does for us. <br />
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But your question is interesting. I never thought about how it would be to meet myself. I'll probably think on this off and on for several days. It would probably do most of us good to stop and ask ourselves this question. Thanks for sharing.