The Laban Method

 Confused? It's a technique that actors use to hone their parts - thus Anthony Hopkins for example used snake as a model for 'silence of the lambs', ledger i'm convinced used an iguana. in a recent acting course i imagined i was one of my burmese cats whom i observe all the time. then what you do is transfer it to a human role - i made out like i was 'mommy's boy' and that i was going to eaton, one of england's exclusive private schools - really works. i do think though that i'm a panther at heart (i.e. a 'big cat')

fellini7 fellini7
1 Response Aug 16, 2008

Wow! Learn something new every day. I think the Laban Method will help me out in life. At rest, I think I'm a clam, I like quiet, solo pursuits. At work, I think I'm some animal that seems docile but can kick ***...a deer? Yeah! I hear they kill more people in north american than any other animal. Bambi ferocious? Yup!