I Don't Wonder... I Know.

Real men are attracted to the following:

  • A good heart
  • A capacity to nurture
  • A strong spirit and confidence
  • A healthy sexual (body), sensual (mind) and spiritual (soul) balance
  • A warm smile
  • An ability to say how she really feels and not just say what she thinks you want to hear

It's quite simple.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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13 Responses Dec 14, 2008

for me the decisive factor is maturity. <br />
Someone who knows how to take a side, corrects the mistakes with her knowledge (not by nagging, but with her knowledge), who does not pretend to be a lost soul, has a cause in life - no matter how crazy, but has a cause in life. she does not consider herself a disney princess, but a proper queen.<br />
<br />
after that comes the question of nurturing, that for me is, someone with whom i can share my life, my little happinesses, and encourage me / comfort me when i am broken.<br />
<br />
finally, grace,sensuality and feminine elegance is also a very important factor. sexually attractive for me is someone who is elegant, and not hot. A playboy playmate is not even 10% sexy as the woman here: http://www.fotogemeinschaft.de/d/1065547-1/petra-weimer-a-paris-2010.jpg. <br />
<br />
In fact I have a list of things I look for in a woman in my stories.

Jerrica, I know two....and I can't reach them as partners.

the key words here, for me, are REAL MEN. sometimes i don't think i knew any.

Of course, chemistry is a catalyst for something more.

Very nice list ... that from a 100% 'original' male ... LMAO @tiber's last qualifications!<br />
<br />
I would change the last one to HONEST ... an open.<br />
<br />
And I'd add Eve's 'chemistry ... a necessity.

I like this list. But I think there is also the element of chemistry between two people. Chemistry is quirky and defies categories. There have been men that I thought were attractive but that I wasn't attracted to. And I know that goes the other direction, as well.

The comments on this story are either generic or inspiring, I'm not sure. :))

*smiles* For some.

All of your points are valid, tiber.

the only other qualities that I would NEED to add to your list are just 1) she must be a girl 2) she must have always BEEN a girl (no life-changing operations please) and she would need to be human<br />
other than that, yeah, I think you got the perfect woman Smoke ^_^

Hell give someone reasonably attractive. intelligent and kind and I am all theirs :) Must be open minded and share similar world views too.

I am a little skeptical about the wording. A lot of those things are...relative:<br />
"A good heart." - Well, what defines "good"? Is a good-hearted woman a woman who is just...friendly? I don't know, I think saying "she has a good heart" is about as productive as saying "that's nice."<br />
"A capacity to nurture." Ok, I like a girl who knows how to cuddle and who is nurturING, but I need more than "a potential to nurture." :P<br />
"A strong spirit." Ok, I like that, but does that mean she...wears the pants because of how strong she is? Constantly dominates the conversation with her words and the environment with her preferences? Or does it simply mean she's just "not shy"?<br />
"A healthy sexual, sensual and spiritual balance." - A what? Ok, with this one, I am a little lost. "Healthy" is relative too, like "nice." A woman who enjoys affection every evening or multiple times a day could be described as "sexually healthy" by one guy, and completely overwhelming by another. And, the line between "sensual" and "sexual" is a little thin. Thinner than the line between "erotica" and "****." I like a girl who is thoughtful, though, but...is that what you mean by "spiritual"? Or...do you mean something along the lines of a religion?<br />
"A warm smile." - Ok, I'm with you on this one. A girl who can smile is great, but a WARM smile is like the most subtle form of soothing affection a woman could offer me.<br />
"An ability to say how she really feels." - Yes! A girl who can speak her mind...appropriately (as in, not sharing her sudden urge to regurgitate a meal at thanksgiving...to the entire table) is great. If you don't have communication, trust, or love in a relationship, then it's NOT a relationship<br />
<br />
It seems like you have this narrowed down a lot, and I'm not trying to rip apart your words. I only want you to take what I threw out there and think about it.

Interesting! I think you are right! I wonder if men wonder what we are looking for TRW?