I Dreamed That Was Pregnant By My Deceased Boyfriend

So here's a little back ground- I was with this man for well over 21 years; our first daughter was a still born and God graciously gave us another opportunity the following year to have another beautiful daughter together. Last June he was shot and murdered and i have had a few dreams about him since his passing, some i could barely remember and others i could remember really well.
Last night i dreamed that i was pregnant by him and we were both excited and he was still very much alive and we were anticipating the birth of our child.
I'm really confused and trying to figure out what could this dream possibly mean. I'm not an interpreter but my thought is that perhaps being pregnant means new life and to start living again, perhaps he is advising me that it is ok to miss him and still cherish what we have but it may be time for new beginnings? I had a friend that knew him and she came to me a few months back and told me she had a very vivid clear dream with several messages that he had given her to give to me, and he also indicated somethings that were going on that there is no way in the world she knew since we hadn't spoken in a very long time.
can anyone please help me to make sense of my dream.

ajaxs53 ajaxs53
36-40, F
Sep 24, 2012