All My Friends Who Saw My Blog Videos In January And February Know What My Voice

is like.

Yes. I did post blog videos. I was singing too. LOL. My E.P. friends think I have good voice at singing. Yeah right. Just for fun......

That was cool. Maybe I will post blog videos in the future. Who knows?

Frankly when I'm very tired I can heard my Chinese Accent. It is really strong......

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I'd be interested in hearing what you sound like. I've heard a few friends' voices in blogs, and have been slightly surprised at one or two. <br />
My own voice is very much like that of John Kay (lead singer for the band "Steppenwolf"), which is interesting because I was born in Brooklyn, NY & he's Canadian, but living in California for many years.

Cool. You don't sound like an New Yorker? You sound like a Canadian. Well... My Chinese is not very good. Frankly I still have that Chinese accent.

I didn't know about that =/ I wanna see you and your accent ^_^

I deleted it because I'm not feel comfortable sharing my face on you tube and E.P. anymore...

Really? Catherine Zeta Jones. Cool...<br />
<br />
I don't sound like a celeb. I wish. Charlotte Church. I don't know who she is. Your daughter looks like her and sound like her. Cool.. Thank you for mentioning Charlotte Church. Is she an U.k. actress?

Awwwwww! love you! she is a young Welsh opera singer, who's my daughter's age, 25! :D :D


lol yes i remember your little voice it's so cute! as you are! :D My voice sounds like, (think i said this before) lol Catherine Zeta Jones! lol Have you ever heard or seen Charlotte Church!?? i sound like her also! My daughter looks like her, or so she as been told! lol :D <br />
Great post my gorgeous and i thank you for sharing! :D :D <>

Oh. I see... <br />
<br />

I've a youtube account but i've only posted one video in it and it isn't of me

Well. If you do make a blog video. You need to go through Youtube but you need an account to post video on there. Those videos are broadcasting live around the world. You can have it privately for people who knows your email address or friends from Youtube.

I never saw you singing, I thought about doing a video blog but never got around to it!

I don't sound right either Gazza17.