Oh Great Reflection...

I was contemplating telling a story about  me and a man who hasn't grown up, a mutual friend of ares who happens to be a girl and how i find there close relationship (which began because i act as the connection) to close . Yet what is the point? I tell a bunch of people I don't know personally one side of the story ,which just happens to be mine, yet the other two who play a part in the act, are left on the outskirts.
I was looking for a group that had meaningless in the title because even though I am a believer I struggle with purpose. Purpose for venting, expressing and discussing.. is their a point besides my own self-satisfaction. And if this is the only point then there is no purpose because I find the things that satisfy solely me- lacking in satisfaction. 
I'm trying to find peace, and when I do find it, I want to maintain it. Not only for myself because let me recap; that retaining ones mentality is important and satisfying for self but it is also important for those around you. The last thing I enjoy is treating others with haste because mentally, I'm in the trash. So is it the people who provide purpose for all~the ability to serve, share and hope together in great ideas....
I'm aggravated with a tinge of disrespect 
JChristsavedmylife JChristsavedmylife
22-25, F
May 9, 2012